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Does the business have any characteristics that might annoy people and

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments


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Advertising Project
– Students will utilize their knowledge of advertising to write an advertising plan for a product or a service of their choice. No branded
product or existing company. You can use your own business if you wish. “(Custom Tailored Clothing Company By The Name Of: Blue$tripApparel)”
– Advertising is the promotion of goods, services, ideas and companies, usually
performed by an identified sponsor (the advertiser). Marketers see advertising as part of
an overall promotion strategy. Other components of the promotional mix include
publicity, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotions.
– A good advertising plan should help the advertisers tell people about the business,
about the products and services for sale, and the benefits of buying from their business.
It should also build customer confidence, attract new customers, keep present
customers coming back and help make the business profitable. To accomplish all these
objectives is not an easy task.
Individually you will produce one promotional idea
* STRICTLY follow the rubric and use titles.
* Make sure your paper is clear and concise with no spelling, grammar, or coherence
* The advertising plan must be typed, double-spaced, 4 to 6 pages.
Please use bullet points when appropriate
– Advertising Project
PART ONE – THE ADVERTISING PLAN “(Custom Tailored Clothing Company by the name of Blue$tripApparel)”
1. Give a brief description of your company/mission statement.
Describe in a few words your company. What is its mission? It is critical for you to
emphasize why your venture will be successful. What is your niche?
Description of your product or service
Full description of your product should include concept, ingredients, quality,
brand name, logo if any, warranty, packaging, label, image, and positioning. If
you select a service, explain the full concept of your service, image, quality,
decor, atmosphere, types of employees, and location. How will you position your
product or service? (Positioning is creating a perception/idea in the mind of
consumers about your product relative to the competition).
2. The creative Brief
– The Objective
The first step in preparing the creative strategy is to identify the objective of the
advertisement. Some possible objectives may include the following:
• Increase brand awareness.
• Build brand image.
• Increase customer traffic.
• Increase retailer or wholesaler orders.
• Increase inquiries from end-users and channel members.
• Provide information.
– The Target Audience
A creative entreprenuer should know the target audience. The more detail that is known about the
target audience, the easier it is for a creative to design an advertisement that will be
Target market profiles that are too general are not very helpful.
– The Message Theme
The message theme outlines the key idea(s) the advertising program conveys.
The message theme is the benefit or promise (unique selling point) the advertiser wants
to use to reach consumers or businesses.
Message themes can be oriented toward either rational or emotional processes.
A left-brained ad is oriented toward the logical, rational side, which manages information
such as numbers, letters, words, and concepts.
Left-brained advertising is logical and
A right-brained ad deals with emotions and works with abstract ideas, images, and
The Support
Support takes the form of the facts, which substantiate the message theme.
The Constraints
Constraints deal with legal and mandatory restrictions for ads, or company imposed
They include the following:
• Legal protection for trademarks, logos, and copy registrations – FDA laws
• Disclaimers about warranties, in which the disclaimer specifies the conditions
under which they will be honored
• Disclaimers about offers spell out the terms of financing agreements, as well as
when bonuses or discounts apply
• Disclaimers about claims identify the exact nature of the statement made in the
Advertising Design
Carefully define your advertising strategy (Cognitive, affective or conative),
describe the type of advertising appeal and executional framework you will use,
and your selection of source or spokesperson who will deliver the advertising
message (it can be yourself or everyday people)..
2. Media selected:
Indicate the TV channel(s), or the social media platform (Instagram, Pinterest,
TikTok, twitter …….). Explain your choice.
Using social influencers in product marketing: would you use social
Product Placement. Are you planning to use Product Placement to advertise
your product? Why or why not? Explain. If you are planning to employ
Product Placement, name the films, video games or television programs
which could create excitement for your product.
1. Does the business have any characteristics that might annoy people and
contribute to poor public relations for the business?
2. Does it provide excitement?
3. Does it sell merchandise or services, or do they merely announce them?
4. Does it provide an opportunity for an adequate selling message?
5. Does the business reach the largest number of prospects at the lowest cost
per prospect?
6. Does it fit the type of business in terms of prestige and
Think about using social media such as Instagram, Pinterest,….


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