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How are they similar?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | American History | 0 comments


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Module 10 ,Ch 12 Essay prompt
Kevin Starr opens up Chapter 12 with a recap of the socio-political struggles in California up to the 1960s’. As he notes life in California was cast as a dream state to the nation but to the local residents that were just trying to get by, California was not that dream image. The children of the working class communities that made California an economic giant were slowly starting to enter the California university system. This new generation sought a different lifestyle and fought for equality in terms of wages, jobs and political power. They demanded that the state university system reflect the social make up of the state. For Americans of Mexican descent, this minority emerged politically and amplified the black and white race paradigm in America. In California in particular, dealing with race meant dealing with both Black and Brown political matters. Americans of Mexican descent took on the term “Chicano” to self-describe the new Mexican American that was not only politically conscious but culturally in tune with Native American roots from Mesoamerica. A new historical outlook being fed from stories on the other side of the southern border now complemented our historical origins of Pilgrims and the Mayflower. This emphasis on Native American history and iconography in the Chicano community is still alive and well across multiple cultural platforms. Lowriders, clothing, and murals are just some of the places that this is evident.
After viewing the video resources, use Starr’s words as a departure point to discuss both the Black Panther platform and Chicano manifesto “El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan.”
What do these two documents try to accomplish? How are they similar? How are they different in their approach to the social problems facing Mexican Americans and African Americans during the 60s in California. Starr sets up the 60s with the idea that, “Jim Crow was a well- known figure to Mexican, African and Japanese Americans…” Read the manifestos carefully and cite each document at least twice. Take one or two points and write out an interpretation of those words. This about the history of these groups. Think about their political objectives, their economic objectives. In a universal sense think how these documents sought to rightfully place these two communities at a proper seat in the table of American life.


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