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Please review the associated rubric prior to submitting your paper.

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Final Paper Preview:
To engage students in more thoughtful assessments that integrate the theoretical and practical application of ethics, students will submit a writing assignment during the semester. Students will respond to the prompt and will be responsible for providing a rational foundation for their position and academic support. A final version of the paper will be turned in to the Instructor via Blackboard Module 15.
Writing assignment will:
Use citations from professional literature to support positions.
Demonstrate the higher order thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
Thoroughly address and respond to the presented prompts.
Demonstrate use of correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
Adhere to APA formatting guidelines.
The body of your papers should be at least 10 pages (12 pages including Title and Reference pages). Please review the associated rubric prior to submitting your paper. In accordance with the University’s plagiarism policy, all work must be original and content derived from another source must be properly cited. Papers should be in Times New Roman font (12-point) and double-spaced with 1 inch margins. The positions in your essay should be supported by academic sources. A minimum of (5) different academic sources besides the course text is required.
Final Paper Prompt:
Using the content from this course, describe what it means to be an ethical police officer in the 21st century. In doing so, examine the concepts of duty, discretion, integrity, and loyalty through the lens of at least two (2) contrasting ethical frameworks. Be sure to bridge your theoretical analyses with practical examples of those responsibilities in action.
Writing Tips to Keep in Mind:
Avoid first and second-person pronouns (“I” or “you”) whenever possible.
Avoid redundant words and phrases.
Remove unnecessary jargon (when possible) and define terms where needed.
Ensure that information is presented as precisely and accurately as possible.
Appropriate transitions show the connections between ideas.
The text is logically organized and structured in paragraph form.
The paper has a distinct introduction, body, and conclusion.
The paper has a thesis statement or hypothesis.
Each paragraph is focused on a single idea that is expressed in a clear topic sentence.
Every part of the text relates to my central thesis or research question and my writing has a clear purpose and order to it
Claims and assertions are supported with evidence. If something is stated as fact or a claim is made, (i.e., “Today, there are more lawsuits than ever before in the history of the United States court system…”) then research, or some other reliable source, should be present to support the assertion. Remove generalized statements that affirm the argument, but not have support from another source unless they are summarizing the statements made in the paragraph or section.
The chosen resources support/disagree with the thesis (sources should be pertinent to the central premise and theme of the paper). You should not cherry-pick research. If there is another side to an argument, or if there is data that doesn’t support the argument/position, you should report it as well. By doing this, you maintain the integrity of your writing and reporting. Often, the purpose of a paper, proposal, or research is to explore the the hypothesis.
Use the appropriate verb tenses in each section (this usually applies to a thesis, dissertation, or anything with a proposal followed by research).
Cite sources using a consistent citation and format style (Research papers for this class should be in APA format 7th edition).
Have another student or trusted person review the assignment prior to submission. The professor should not be the first-person to read your assignment.
Please see the attachment for the course reading for your reference as well as writing tips.


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