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Research and recommendations

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Healthcare | 0 comments


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The Challenge
One of your M2 readings focused on scent marketing. Scent is being used increasingly in certain business contexts to create more pleasing customer experiences. By conducting some Internet research, you’ll quickly come to see that the strategic use of scent, in fact, is being used by at least some in the healthcare industry, with some applications being obvious and others less so.
For this Practitioner Application, you are to place yourself in the role of Marketing Director for a soon-to-be-established pediatric dental center based in the city of your choice. (An actual city must be selected as this assignment calls for formal market research.) The entity will be known as Burlington Pediatric Dentistry and it will offer the usual and customary array of services provided by pediatric dental centers. (If you aren’t familiar with this modality of healthcare, conduct Internet or field research to gain a proper understanding.) The center’s owner desires using scent to improve the patient experience and has requested your assistance and expertise. Your task is to investigate scent research, seeking insights regarding common applications, healthcare-specific applications, and applications which might be particularly helpful in pediatric dental contexts. Then, supply a report which communicates research findings and provides scent recommendations and associated methods of application which have the potential to enhance the experiences of patients receiving care at the center.
The Submission Requirement
Your submission in its entirety (i.e., all inclusive) must be at least 1200 words.Submissions must incorporate a minimum of ten (10) references, with at least three (3) being from scholarly academic journals. (If you cannot ascertain whether a journal does or does not qualify as scholarly academic, contact the Noel Library and request assistance.) References may be prepared using the style guide of your choice (e.g., APA, MLA); just be sure to consistently use the selected style.
In presenting your work, identify the title, your name and student ID number, and submission date at the top of your submission and supply the following headings, exactly as they appear below, placing each in bold text:
Introduction (In this section, supply a brief introduction, helping the reader grasp the intent of the forthcoming work.)
City Profile (In this section, supply a brief overview of the city of focus, noting its name, population, demographic characteristics, and any other helpful background information.)
Service Profile (In this section, supply an overview profiling pediatric dental centers. Provide a definition, note major areas of focus, and convey other helpful details, demonstrating your grasp of this particular area of healthcare.)
Research and Recommendations
Applicable Scent Research Findings (In this section, summarize general scent research findings and direct specific attention toward scent research findings in medical contexts.)
Recommended Scent(s) and Method(s) of Application (In this section, identify the scent(s) recommended for the center and discuss the method(s) recommended for applying scent in the facility.)
Conclusions (In this section, summarize the report, being sure to express your expectations regarding how the recommended scent enhancements will impact the patient experience.)
References (In this section, supply a list of references conforming with the instructions listed elsewhere in this communication.)
Assessment Criteria
Your submission will be assessed based on the following:
Compliance quality: The degree to which your submission complies with noted guidelines, including word count and reference specifications,
Communication quality: The degree to which your work meets standards expected in business communications, including matters concerning the use of proper grammar and punctuation, and
Content quality: The quality of the content presented in your work.


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