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What musical contribution did this person make?

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Music | 0 comments


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Submission of a paper presenting a composer, musician, or musical group.
Research Paper
Assignment: Choose one classical performer, musical group, or composer to research, write a paper and submit to me. Completed paper is due on the posted due date, no extensions, no exceptions. Subject matter may be someone we have already studied or someone we haven’t. Keep in mind that it should be someone fairly well known as you will need to find sufficient material on the subject to adequately represent him/her. It is necessary to get my approval of your topic. All papers must be double-spaced in a 12 pt. font and be 2 – 3 pages in length. Paper should be submitted in APA format. Essential Elements: As with all assignments it is expected that you use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Three references must be cited. At least one reference should not be from the internet. You may use your textbook as a reference, but it does not count as your “non-internet” source.
A “Selected Discography” containing a minimum of 3 recordings of or by your subject must be included. These may be representative of his/her work, historical, or iconic recordings. They may be LP, CD, itunes, video, or any other source that you can list in your Discography in the APA style.
You may find it helpful to refer to the following website for guidance: This site contains useful information, not only on referencing sources, but on virtually all aspects of creating a research paper. A convenient link to instructions in APA is located at the end of these instructions.
Remember to include an Introduction and a Conclusion. Proofread your paper before submitting it. Having someone else proofread your paper for you is a good idea.
Details: Include relevant facts. How and why was your subject inspired to become a musician or composer? What musical contribution did this person make? Are there interesting attributes to this person that are nonmusical? Include a Selected Discography listing some recordings that are representative of your subject’s work. These are just a few suggestions for you to consider before you prepare to write.
Make your paper informative and interesting. This project is not a book or internet report. When discussing your subject, present him/her as though you are telling me about a friend whom I haven’t met, including anecdotes that make your subject a “real” person. No one (including myself) wants to read just a bunch of stale facts, and dusty dates. Have fun with this!


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