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Write a conventional research paper.

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Drama and Theatre | 0 comments


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Write a conventional research paper. It may be about any topic, so long as it directly pertains to at least one of the plays or other assigned readings from this class.
I’ll expect you to engage closely and at some length with the text of the work that you choose to focus on. You’ll also have to use and cite the same number of outside sources, regardless of which option you choose.
I’ll expect you to submit a “pitch” for your final paper topic, thesis, and list of outside sources before the beginning of class time on Tuesday, November 22. See the assignment marked “Final Paper pitch” for more details.
You must turn in a well-structured essay that follows the standard introduction-discussion-conclusion outline. It should have a clear thesis, a well-structured argument that lays out the evidence to support that thesis, and a strong conclusion that explains why your thesis is relevant and important.
You must append a proper Works Cited. As always for a paper, it should list all the books, articles, and websites you consulted in writing your paper, including material from the syllabus that you quote and/or analyze in the paper.
You should consult at least 3 sources in addition to class readings.
Some good places to start looking include: Oscar Brockett’s History of the Theatre(any edition); the Oxford Companion to Theatre and Performance; the Cambridge Guide to Theatre; any of a number of Cambridge Companions on an assortment of topics
Please be courteous to your classmates when checking out material from the library! Share!
Electronic editions of, say, the New York Timesare perfectly acceptable, so long as the author might reasonably be considered an authority on the subject. URLs ending in .edu and .org are often, though not always, more likely to be reliable.
Please don’t hesitate to ask me about sources! You are ultimately responsible for choosing, analyzing, and properly citing the sources, but I am happy to point you in the direction of materials of which you may not be aware. I’ve spent way too much of my life thinking about this stuff, so someone might as well benefit.
The paper (excluding title, bibliography, etc.) will be at least 1,500 words long, with 3,000 words as a general (though not absolute) upwards limit.
In an attempt to save paper and avoid printer problems, I request that you submit this in electronic form. Please upload it to Canvas by the start of class on December 6. Anything submitted a minute after this deadline will be considered late, so please plan accordingly!


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