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Write one sentence for each bullet.

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One of the best ways to learn the Human Resource Management topics is to actually do HR projects. This is one of the few courses where you can actually put yourself into the activity. This will help you as both a job seeker and a hiring manager. There are six separate sections to this project.
Please read the instructions carefully.
You are to create a current resume for a healthcare related job you will be seeking upon graduation from Fayetteville State. Your resume should be composed using the latest version of MS Word, and be
no more than two pages, but it must fill at least one full page. This resume expected to be grammatically and conventionally “perfect” and will be graded on a rigorous scale. It must be information packed and will be graded on the basis of thoroughness of content, completeness, and its ability to tell about values, interests, personal qualities, and skills. You will not be graded on honesty or ethics. Please realize that a potential employer has some ability to verify facts so this may not be the resume that you should “upload” to a job search website when you are really in the market.
Write a newspaper or professional journal advertisement for the job description for the position you are seeking after graduation. Include position title, brief description, qualifications, salary range, and
contact information.
The source of information for both your “advertisement” and “job description” is the local newspapers and the web. You can use sources like and You will also find sample job descriptions at SHRM Online ( under “HR Tools” and at
You are asked to read and/or surf to locate 3-5 jobs for which you will be qualified after you complete your degree. Copy each of these ads. Look for ads that give rather complete descriptions of job and the qualifications for these jobs. Do not turn in that copy! The project requires “content” in the ads, not just “image ads”. You must consolidate ideas from multiple sources before creating your ad.
The names of the individual and contact address are not important, although a name should be in the ad that you submit. Review 3-6 ads to be able to consolidate them so that you can create an ad that also contains enough information to allow candidates to self-select themselves (and qualifications) for the job. Make your ads very thorough and borrow ideas and text generously from the ads that you review. Use creative examples written by the pros as you construct your ad.
You must be qualified to do this job, even if it is a management trainee position. Structure the advertisement to fit your credentials after you complete your degree here. Your next project asks you to write a job description for this position. Additional suggested websites:
Try to be creative. Look at various employment ads in large newspapers for ideas.
The textbook, lectures, and supplementary readings suggest a basic format for a job description. Using that format, write a very thorough two-page job description. Use the job or position that you expect to obtain within twelve months after graduation. Review the samples at
This project must be 1-2 pages typed. Start major activities, specific duties, and responsibilities with a verb. Follow examples in the textbook and review hospital websites for additional ideas.
Many websites give excellent examples of detailed job ads and often accompanying job descriptions and job specifications. However, you are expected to follow the format below (and that given in most HRM texts):
Job Title: (Limit to four words or less)
Job Summary: (Limit to two to four sentences)
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
List at least ten specific duties, tasks, and/or responsibilities.
Start each line with a verb. Use bullet points.
Be specific.
Get resources about jobs from texts, HRM website, web, etc.
Do not create your own “hypothetical job.”
Use a real, existing job possibility in your field.
Limit to one to two sentences per bullet point.
Job Qualifications and Specifications:
Degree levels required.
Type of academic major field studied.
Technical background.
Experience required.
Travel requirements.
Relocation requirements.
Types of experiences performed.
Specify salary range (minimum acceptable and maximum possible).
This should be the “perfect job” for you. Limit this to two pages maximum. Section 2 – INTERVIEW PREPERATION ACTIVITIES
One of the main tasks of a professional business manager is to interview people for two purposes: hiring the best job candidate and counseling people for career development purposes. A written analysis of each candidate is important for comparison between seemingly very similar and equally qualified candidates. The text and reading materials describe several methods of evaluating candidates. There
are several evaluation forms in use.
You have now written a resume, job description, and job advertisement. The purpose of this PREPARATION ACTIVITY is twofold – to prepare you to be a manager who must hire college-trained talent and for you to prepare for a job interview as an applicant.
This activity will produce three separate projects, with EACH receiving a grade. The cover letter, the interviewer’s questions and anticipated replies will all be graded. They will each be a grading event. You will alternatively reverse the roles of interviewer and interviewee. You are required to do the following:
Write a one-page cover letter requesting a job interview for the position used in your earlier job
description. There are some excellent websites that offer help on cover letter design; is an excellent source. Your cover letter will be graded based on the following:
Opening paragraph must state WHY you are writing.
Body must state your credentials.
Body must add information “beyond the resume”.
Use body to support and prove you should be interviewed.
Use “action verbs”.
Use “jargon” from your career field.
Ask for a specific time for appointment day(s) in the closing paragraph.
Indicate your future follow-up action. You must do more than wait for them to ignore your request for
an appointment.
Be confident and qualified in your tone.
One-page limit.
Bullet points are acceptable, as are bulleted phrases.
Avoid resume repetition.
Integrate description personal qualifier adjectives into the body that would leave the inference that “you” possess the adjectives/qualifier that you are ascribing to work activities, classroom experiences, outside achievements, etc.
Pretend you are the hiring manager reviewing applicants for the job you created above. You need to prepare a set of six interview questions to ask an applicant for the job. Base your questions on your resume and job description. Carefully choose your questions from the evaluation factors.
Your questions should focus on WILL-DO factors, not CAN- DO factors. Assume that the person is skill-based qualified. Force them to discuss factors that reveal leadership, motivation, management skills, responsibility, academic excellence, team spirit, enthusiasm, verbal communication skills, interests, ambition, etc.
Make your questions open-ended and designed to elicit behavioral experiences based on their past
history of activities. Questions that permit a yes/no reply are unacceptable. You should ask “probing” questions. Read about behavioral questions and the S.T.A.R. technique. (Situations, Techniques, Actions and Results)
You will receive a lower grade if your questions appear to be “textbook” questions. You are welcome to give a 1- to 2-sentence preface to your question if it is general, so the applicant will know to apply it to his/her specific background in replying to it. Rarely would you want to ask a blunt question without some appropriate lead into the topic. Your questions should be situational and behavioral that probe the applicant’s past work and educational background.
Your questions must elicit enough concrete information from a “subjective” part of their background to adequately justify turning down this applicant. You will always have multiple well-qualified candidates for every job that you (as a manager) have available. You must have enough “subjective” data to use in rejecting candidates who, on the surface, appear to be well qualified.
In the last section you prepared a set of six interview questions that you can “expect” your interviewer will ask you. In this section you are the job seeker. Under each question above, identify 3-6 bullet point items from your background that you will use in replying to your interviewer’s questions. Write one sentence for each bullet.
Avoid using your CAN-DO replies by focusing on your WILL-DO qualities. Expand on your resume; don’t just recite it. Be very specific about SITUATIONS, TASKS, ACTIONS, and RESULTS (STAR) that you plan to use in your interview to support your credentials.


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